We are delighted to be able to meet you in the cyber information world. We realized that with the current sophisticated technology one can easily obtain information from all over the world. Information becomes necessary for daily activities. Consequently, in order to provide accurate, comprehensive and timely information, Bank Indonesia has established a website that is accessible to the public over here and overseas since 1998.

Bank Indonesia web site has gained positive response from the public over here and overseas. With website technology, information dissemination, as a way of showing Bank Indonesia transparency and accountability, becomes more efficient and effective, as it is broadly accessible by simple and inexpensive implementation.

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In line with the aspiration and expectation of the public, we continue developing the website, by improving the design with the latest innovation, new format, and enriched information. This new design will assist the public more in finding information. We therefore launch the new design of Bank Indonesia website. Hopefully, it can become one of the most reliable sources of economic information.

:: Appointment and Dismissal of Board of Governors
In implementing its duties and responsibilities, Bank Indonesia is managed by the Board of Governors. The Board is led by a Governor who is assisted by a Senior Deputy Governor as the Vice-Governor, and at least four and not more than seven Deputy Governors. The Members of the Board of Governors shall be appointed for a term of office of 5 (five) years and may be reappointed to the same position for no more than 1 (one) subsequent term of office.
The Governor, Senior Deputy Governor, and Deputy Governors shall be proposed and appointed by the President with the approval of the House of Representatives. Candidates for Deputy Governor shall be proposed by the President pursuant to a recommendation of the Governor (vide Article 41 Act No.3, year 2004 amandment to Act No.23, year 1999). A member of the Board of Governors may not be dismissed during his or her term of office, unless the person are resigns, convicted of a felony, unable to attend in person for a period of 3 (three) consecutive months without reasonable cause, is declared bankrupt or unable to settle liabilities to creditors, or is permanently incapacitated.
:: Decision Making Process
As the Bank’s highest decision making forum, the Board of Governors Meeting is conducted at least once every month to deliberate and to decide on general policy on monetary affairs, and at least once a week to evaluate policy implementation or to decide on other strategic and principle policy. The Board’s decision making process puts emphasis on deliberations – to reach – agreement. When deliberations fail to produce an agreement, the Governor will exercise his authority to decide for the Board.
:: Board of Governors Profile
Governor :
Agus D.W. Martowardojo
Senior Deputy Governor :
Mirza Adityaswara
Deputy Governor :
Ronald Waas
Deputy Governor :
Perry Warjiyo
hendar_thumb.jpg Deputy Governor :
erwin_thumb.jpg Deputy Governor :
Erwin Rijanto